• Marianna Levtov

How to Attend a Networking Event? 10 Things NOT to Do.

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

Internet is full of articles, which teach us how to succeed, how to manage ourselves in order to become rich or at least to catch a job of our dreams. This time I suggest you “10 Things NOT to do” at a networking event in order to become closer to your dream of the next position in Switzerland. Please take these things into consideration- and AVOID them during the networking event.

1. COMING CASUALLY DRESSED- some of us are not taking network events seriously. Please keep the business dress code! 2. BEING SHY and talking only to your acquaintances, who are looking for a job, just like you. Coffee breaks, lunches and networking sessions are the best opportunities to make new important contacts. 3. FOCUSING ON FOOD- sometimes we forget that the coffee and tasty finger food is not the main goal here. Do not stay hungry, but try to find the middle ground between eating & meeting. 4. NOT READING ABOUT THE ATTENDING CORPORATIONS- not knowing the fields of expertise of the company you approach, cannot be hidden by any small talk or friendly smile. Coming unprepared could decrease recruiter`s interest in your profile. 5. NOT HAVING ANY POSITIONS TO APPLY TO- whether you are on “stand by” mode or taking a break in your search, please bring possible positions’ descriptions you are interested in. 6. EXPECTING RECRUITERS TO OFFER YOU A JOB. Please don’t! Most of the companies are there to help you improve your application skills. However, your profile might be of interest to them! 7. NOT UPDATING YOUR CV. Take advantage of recruiters’ recommendations at all times. We support the “learning by doing principle”! 8. USING A COVER LETTER to tell your life story. Cover letters are a professional instrument to communicate with potential employers. Write about your relevant skills and sell your profile wisely. 9. AVOIDING INTERNSHIPS AND VOLUNTEERING POSITIONS. It is not a shame to take a step back and apply for internships and volunteer work. It might put your “feet in the door” of the company you want and help your personal growth. 10. TAKING IT ALL FOR GRANTED. Network Volunteers are doing their best to give you a chance for a breakthrough. Our events are the result of hours of volunteer work.



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