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One Step before the End : How to Prevent Depression Before It Turns Into a Medical Case.

Different cultures have diverse approaches towards depression. Some post soviet countries still keep a distance from this illness, ignoring its consequences. They mostly see a person in depression as a lazy and demotivated member of the society. “The whole nation is working hard and he tries to escape the reality laying in the soft pillows.” Some of the western cultures are in a hunt for “being depressed”. It is an infantile excuse for a lot of irrational actions or total lack of them.

Nevertheless, to ignore a depression or to provoke it, are both dangerous patterns of behavior. Since the physiological process, which occurs is a disruption of neural connections in the brain; any structured action causing a creation of new ones might be a very effective preventive tool.

If you feel, here it comes, try to follow these few principles:

1. Give yourself a chance to express all your frustration, fears and disappointment at once. If you have a person, who could support you in this, please explain him his role. Ask him not to interrupt you, just to node and express his understanding. At the end, finish it with doing something pleasant together. Even if it is a big cake, let it be for this one and special moment. If there is no one, who could be with you, open the water tab and start telling the story. Running water will give you a feeling of presence and won’t leave in the crystal silence.

2. Create a positive routine. Easy physical exercises and fresh air help to produce serotonin and support the production of new neural connections. Sugar addiction, in contrary, will give you a short time solution. Start from a light stretching every morning and a short walk outside. Do it regularly, at the same time and have no excuses. If you can’t keep it, ask someone to control it.

3. Laugh a lot! Watch stand up shows, comedies or go to a circus. Doesn’t matter, what you choose, find everyday a time spot for positive emotions from the outside.

4. Strictly keep hygienic habits: all the daily rituals should be repeated.

5. Sleep as much as you need. Our nerve system recovers itself during the hours of sleep.

6. Cook for yourself or at least use a plate, a cup and cutlery. It maybe sounds funny, but frustrated and depressed people start eating directly from the can fast food or cold and barely cooked food. Sometimes they stop eating at all. Trying to make a meal delicious and beautifully served costs efforts and brings a lot of positive emotions. It is also helpful for the self-esteem.

7. Dress up! Even if you spend the time at home, try to wear the most beautiful and clean clothes. However, it doesn’t mean to sit the whole day, wearing an evening dress. Something comfortable and suitable for your circumstances will provoke more positive emotions.

8. If you like animals spend more time with them. If you don’t have any, go to the zoo, a pet shop or to someone who will allow you to cuddle a house pet.

9. Everyday make a wish list. In the beginning you will want nothing, or only what you just lost (or will never have). Start wishing simple things, write this wish, fulfill it and make the note, when it is done. Start from a cup of tea. Everyday add one more, if you feel strong enough. If you can’t, keep at least a 3 wishes list.

10. Ask your beloved once to hug you as much as possible, without any reason or explanation. Energy exchange is really healing.

These tips can support to deal with the unpleasant routine, however, please do not exclude the medical help and necessary consultations.



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